XGR: The World's Greatest Gravity Racing Series!

  • Biggest formula for downhill racing: 9 ft long x 4 ft wide; 350 lbs for car + driver!
  • Unparalleled diversity of designs: longer, wider, faster, and wilder-looking than anything else on the planet!
  • Ultimate high tech: build quality, materials, aerodynamics & never-before-seen innovation.
  • Most challenging hill courses in the world.
  • Fastest speeds (50+ mph) & extreme cornering.
  • History-making challenge: race back uphill!
  • Global range of competitors: from privateers, universities, corporations & car manufacturers to Hollywood celebrities!
  • Unique team-building experience: for companies & private teams alike.
  • Support of a worthy cause: job enablement for foster youth.
  • XGR = FUN!

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